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Table 1 Classification of biological processes triggered in soybean roots (cv. Conquista) in response to inoculation with strain CPAC 15 of B. japonicum

From: Transcriptional analysis of genes involved in nodulation in soybean roots inoculated with Bradyrhizobium japonicumstrain CPAC 15

ID GO Description NoSeq.
GO:0008150 Biological process 1,728
GO:0008152 I- Metabolic process 1,290
GO:0044237 Cellular metabolic process 964
GO:0044238 Primary metabolic process 756
GO:0019748 Secondary metabolic process 62
GO:0006807 Nitrogen compound metabolic process 269
GO:0009058 Biosynthetic process 373
GO:0009056 Catabolic process 195
GO:0044281 Small molecule metabolic process 324
GO:0043170 I.a- Macromolecule metabolic process 625
GO:0019538 Protein metabolic process 337
GO:0010467 Gene expression 69
GO:0050896 II- Response to stimulus 529
GO:0070887 Response to chemical stimulus 246
GO:0009628 Response to abiotic stimulus 162
GO:0009607 Response to biotic stimulus 56
GO:0006950 II.a- Response to stress 289
GO:0006952 Defense response 68
GO:0009719 II.b- Response to endogenous stimulus 113
GO:0009725 Response to hormone stimulus 106
GO:0032502 III- Developmental process 218
GO:0007275 Multicellular organismal development 124
GO:0048856 III.a- Anatomical structure development 114
GO:0048513 Organ development 73
GO:0051179 IV- Localization 308
GO:0051641 Cellular localization 56
GO:0033036 Macromolecule localization 60
GO:0051234 IV.a- Establishment of localization 306
GO:0006810 Transport 265
GO:0065007 V- Biological regulation 269
GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process 208
GO:0065008 Regulation of biological quality 80
GO:0071840 VI- Cellular component organization or biogenesis 203
GO:0071841 Cellular component organization or biogenesis at cellular level 136
GO:0016043 Cellular component organization 171
GO:0044085 VII- Cellular component biogenesis 51
GO:0000003 VIII- Reproduction 97
GO:0051704 IX- Multi-organism process 62
GO:0051707 Response to other organism 51
GO:0023052 X- Signaling 82
GO:0007165 Signal transduction 82