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Archived Comments for: Towards defining the chloroviruses: a genomic journey through a genus of large DNA viruses

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  1. Definitions of viruses

    Edward Rybicki, University of Cape Town

    18 April 2013

    A great piece of work - and since I met Dr van Etten in 1982 in Lincoln, after he and co-workers discovered the first PCBV, something I've been waiting quite a long time to see!

    I especially like the comment "...which suggests that the recently acquired genes originate from a still largely un-sequenced reservoir of genomes, possibly other unknown viruses that infect the same hosts.", as it meshes really well with what I have been telling students for while now:

    "A virus is an infectious acellular entity composed of compatible genomic components derived from a pool of genetic elements."

    Competing interests

    No competing interests - just admiration for good work.