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Table 3 Summary of the Upland cotton BIBAC end sequences (BESs) generated and their exon and SSR contents

From: Construction of a plant-transformation-competent BIBAC library and genome sequence analysis of polyploid Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutumL.)

Total BESs sequenced 10,752
Q20 (50–842 bp) 9,711
Paired-ends 4,441
GC level 35.50%
Total length 3,842,009 bp
Average read of BESs 395.63 bp
Number of exons:  
 GenScan 3,022
 GeneMark 2,912
Microsatellite (di, tri, tetra, penta and hexa):  
 Four or more repeat units 1,269
 Five or more repeat units 313
 Six or more repeat units 103