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Figure 7

From: Transcriptional and epigenetic signatures of zygotic genome activation during early drosophila embryogenesis

Figure 7

Dynamics of CRM occupancy by epigenetic marks. ROC curves representing enrichment of CRMs predicted in ZGA-associated regulatory regions (left panels) and curated blastoderm-specific CRMs (right panels) for CBP (A,B), DNAse1 accessibility (C,D) and H3K27me3 (E-F). Red, orange, purple and blue denote different timing, from the earliest to the latest. Time windows for CBP and H3K27me3: 0-4 h, 4-8 h, 8-12 h, 12-16 h; for DNAse 1: developmental stages 5 (2 h30), 9 (4 h), 11 (6 h) and 14 (12 h).

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