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Table 2 Distribution of CUX1, Myc and E2F1 binding sites in transcribed andnon-transcribed regions

From: Long-range transcriptional regulation by the p110 CUX1 homeodomain protein on theENCODE array

  Encode platform CUX1 c-MYC E2F1
Number of binding sites   513 172 204
Non-transcribed regions 20.4% 28.1% 28.5% 5.9%
Transcribed regions 79.6% 70.9% 71.5% 94.1%
Enrichment in un-transcribed regions   1.61 1.56 0.24
P Value   0.0018 0.1333 <0.0001
  1. Number of CUX1, C-Myc and E2F1binding sites in transcribed andun-transcribed regions. Also indicated are the fold enrichment intranscribed regions. P Values are calculated using a Fisher's exacttest.