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Table 3 A fraction of CUX1 binding sites locate close to enhancer elementsand DHS sites

From: Long-range transcriptional regulation by the p110 CUX1 homeodomain protein on theENCODE array

Type CUX1 Random Fold difference P Value
DHS 19.2% 12.9% 1.49 0.0109
Enhancers 22.1% 15.2% 1.45 0.0100
Insulators 4.43% 4.40% 1.01 1.0000
  1. Percentages of CUX1 binding sites located more than 4 Kbps away froma TSS but within 1 Kbp of the indicated type of genomic element.Percentages are shown for a set of randomly generated binding sitesof the same size distribution as CUX1. P Value is calculated using aFisher's exact test. See Methods for information on the datasetsused.