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Figure 5

From: Genome-wide expression profiling of maize in response to individual and combined water and nitrogen stresses

Figure 5

1408 genes were selected for leaves under limiting nitrogen condition based on a fold change above 2 under either mild or severe water stress compared to optimal water. Those genes were then classified into 4 groups shown in the graphs in the first row, where the black lines represent the respective means. The vertical axis corresponds to the normalized expression levels in log scale, the horizontal axis corresponds to the water treatments: optimal water supply (1), mild water stress (2), severe water stress (3), 2h after rewatering (4), 5h after rewatering (5). For each group, subgroups were arbitrarily created by splitting a posteriori (the second row). The color-coding used is blue for genes up-regulated under severe water stress (condition 3) compared to mild water stress (condition 2) and red for genes down-regulated under the same conditions.

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