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Table 5 Overrepresented functional annotations describing genes that show non-uniform variance as a function of sleep duration

From: Sleep is not just for the brain: transcriptional responses to sleep in peripheral tissues

Annotation cluster 1 Enrichment score: 14.904263431729085    
Category Term P Value Fold Enrichment FDR
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Microsome 4.15E-24 23.74 5.37E-21
KEGG_PATHWAY Retinol metabolism 3.03E-20 17.72 3.19E-17
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Heme 3.00E-19 15.99 3.89E-16
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Monooxygenase 5.41E-19 19.11 7.00E-16
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Oxidoreductase 1.09E-18 6.50 1.41E-15
KEGG_PATHWAY Drug metabolism 6.69E-18 15.30 7.05E-15
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0055114 ~ oxidation reduction 3.07E-16 5.27 5.22E-13
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Iron 6.73E-15 8.04 8.76E-12
KEGG_PATHWAY Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450 7.52E-15 14.78 7.96E-12
KEGG_PATHWAY Linoleic acid metabolism 3.42E-13 17.46 3.61E-10
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS endoplasmic reticulum 4.12E-13 4.87 5.33E-10
KEGG_PATHWAY Arachidonic acid metabolism 1.33E-07 8.30 1.40E-04
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS metal-binding 4.05E-04 1.69 5.22E-01
Annotation Cluster 2 Enrichment Score: 7.639984508416769    
Category Term P Value Fold Enrichment FDR
KEGG_PATHWAY Complement and coagulation cascades 3.36E-15 13.77 3.52E-12
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0009611 ~ response to wounding 2.76E-10 5.96 4.32E-07
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007596 ~ blood coagulation 3.19E-08 14.07 4.99E-05
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0050817 ~ coagulation 3.19E-08 14.07 4.99E-05
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007599 ~ hemostasis 3.63E-08 13.87 5.67E-05
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0050878 ~ regulation of body fluid levels 2.66E-07 11.06 4.15E-04
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS blood coagulation 1.33E-06 19.52 1.72E-03
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0042060 ~ wound healing 1.89E-06 8.79 2.95E-03
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Plasma 7.60E-05 21.50 9.83E-02
Annotation Cluster 3 Enrichment Score: 5.173741168245643    
Category Term P Value Fold Enrichment FDR
KEGG_PATHWAY Steroid hormone biosynthesis 2.85E-09 14.03 3.01E-06
KEGG_PATHWAY Drug metabolism 5.61E-09 13.15 5.92E-06
KEGG_PATHWAY Androgen and estrogen metabolism 1.09E-06 13.91 1.15E-03
KEGG_PATHWAY Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism 3.62E-06 22.95 3.82E-03
KEGG_PATHWAY Pentose and glucuronate interconversions 1.67E-04 16.88 1.76E-01
KEGG_PATHWAY mmu00500:Starch and sucrose metabolism 3.41E-04 9.56 3.59E-01
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Glycosyltransferase 7.02E-04 4.67 9.04E-01
  1. Annotation clusters were provided by DAVID. Only annotations with an FDR <5% are retained and only the top 3 clusters are shown.