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Figure 3

From: The genome sequencing of an albino Western lowland gorilla reveals inbreeding in the wild

Figure 3

Heterozygosity distributions of the studied gorillas. (a) Heterozygosity values in 1 Mbp non-overlapping windows along the human chromosome 5. The SLC45A2 gene is contained within a 40 Mbp run of homozygosity in Snowflake (blue). The other two gorillas do not show any run of homozygosity (Kamilah in red and Kwan in green). (b) Distribution of the heterozygosity values of 1Mbp non-overlapping windows in the aforementioned gorillas. While most of the genome shows a similar distribution, we observe an excess of windows with less heterozygosity as a result of the inbreeding observed in Snowflake.

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