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Table 1 Informative SNPs for progeny abnormality detection with the POD method

From: Sensitive and specific detection of mosaic chromosomal abnormalities using the Parent-of-Origin-based Detection (POD) method

Father Mother Child BAF Potentially abnormal contribution
AA, AB, NC BB Paternal
AB,BB, NC AA Paternal
AA AB, BB, NC Maternal
BB AA, AB, NC Maternal
  1. Combinations of genotypes and outlier BAF values provide information content useful for the POD method. Given specific parental genotype combinations, when the child’s BAF value is an outlier of the normal BAF distribution, it may be indicative of a departure from expected biallelic inheritance. The ↑ symbol indicates an unexpected elevation of the child’s BAF value (unexpectedly high proportion of B alleles). The ↓ symbol indicates an unexpected depression of the BAF value (unexpectedly low proportion of B alleles).