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Figure 4

From: Drosophila GAGA factor polyglutamine domains exhibit prion-like behavior

Figure 4

Over-expression of Hsp104 cures the nonsense suppression prion-like phenotype due to over-expression of GAFq-SupC fusions. (A) 519Q-SupC and (B) 582Q-SupC nonsense suppression phenotype is shown to be cured by over-expression of Hsp104, as a control vector alone did not show any effect on prion-like phenotype of GAFQ-SupC cells. In both (A) and (B), the right panels show western blots of total lysates from cells over-expressing Hsp104 as well as vector alone with anti-Hsp104 (top) and anti-tubulin antibody (middle). Similar to GuHCl experiment, the cells over-expressing Hsp104 lose the ability to grow on -Ade plates as compared to vector control (bottom).

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