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Table 1 BnaMPKs and BnaMKKs identified in this study

From: Identification and analysis of MKK and MPK gene families in canola (Brassica napusL.)

Gene GenBank Acc No.a EST count AA No. pI value Arabidopsis orthologb/AGI No. Rice orthologb/locus Subcellular localizationc  
  PSORT CELLO ESLPred experimental
BnaMKK1 JQ708028 3 356 6.75 AtMKK1/ At4g26070 OsMKK1/Os06g05520.1 nuc nuc cyt  
BnaMKK2 JQ708029 3 365 5.99 AtMKK2/ At4g29810 N/A cyt cyt, nuc cyt cyt, nuc
BnaMKK3 JQ708030 3 519 5.58 AtMKK3/ At5g40440 OsMKK3/Os06g27890.1 cyt, nuc cyt, pm cyt cyt, nuc
BnaMKK4 JQ708031 4 357 9.2 AtMKK4 /At1g51660 OsMKK5/Os06g09180.1 nuc, cyt nuc nuc cyt, nuc
BnaMKK5 KC246595 2 333 8.89 AtMKK5/ At3g21220 OsMKK4/Os02g54600.1 mit nuc nuc  
BnaMKK6 JQ708032 2 357 6.19 AtMKK6/ At5g56580 OsMKK6/Os01g32660.1 cyt nuc, cyt cyt  
BnaMKK8 No 1    AtMKK7/ At5g56581      
BnaMKK9 JQ708033 1 307 8.22 AtMKK9/ At1g73500 N/A chl, nuc mit cyt  
BnaMPK1 JQ708034 2 371 6 AtMPK1/ At1g10210 OsMPK7/Os06g48590.1 nuc cyt cyt  
BnaMPK2 JQ708038 5 374 6.6 AtMPK2/ At1g59580 N/A    cyt  
BnaMPK3 JQ708040 4 371 6 AtMPK3/ At3g45640 OsMPK3/Os03g17700.1 nuc, cyt cyt nuc cyt, nuc
BnaMPK4 JQ708041 7 374 6.06 AtMPK4/ At4g01370 OsMPK4/Os10g38950.1 cyt cyt nuc  
BnaMPK5 JQ708042 3 374 5.7 AtMPK5/ At4g11330 OsMPK2/Os08g06060.1 cyt cyt nuc cyt, nuc
BnaMPK6 JQ708043 6 396 5.19 AtMPK6/ At2g43790 OsMPK6/Os06g06090.1 nuc cyt nuc cyt, nuc
BnaMPK7 No 13    AtMPK7/ At2g18170      
BnaMPK8 JQ708044 12 582 6.65 AtMPK8/ At1g18150 N/A nuc cyt nuc  
BnaMPK9 JQ708045 1 502 8.42 AtMPK9/ At3g18040 OsMPK17-1/Os06g49430.1 cyt, nuc cyt cyt cyt, nuc
BnaMPK10 No 2    AtMPK10/At3g59790      
BnaMPK12 No 4    AtMPK12/At2g46070      
BnaMPK13 No 1    AtMPK13/At1g07880      
BnaMPK15 No 1    AtMPK15/At1g73670      
BnaMPK16 JQ708035 12 559 8.8 AtMPK16/At5g19010 OsMPK/Os05g05160.1 cyt cyt cyt  
BnaMPK17 JQ708036 10 488 6.83 AtMPK17/At2g01450 N/A cyt cyt cyt  
BnaMPK18 No 32    AtMPK18/At1g53510      
BnaMPK19 JQ708037 7 600 9.2 AtMPK19/At3g14720 N/A cyt pp,cyt cyt  
BnaMPK20 JQ708039 10 612 9.23 AtMPK20/At2g42880 OsMPK20-1/Os01g43910.1 cyt cyt mit  
  1. aThe full-length cDNA was cloned and deposited in GenBank. No, cloning not sucessful.
  2. bPutative orthologs were identified by InParanoid ( with a maximum score. N/A, homolog but not ortholog was identified.
  3. cSubcellular localizations are predicted using three different programs, one is PSORT (, the second is CELLO v2.5 ( and the third is ESLPred ( nuc-nuclear, cyt-cytoplasm,pp-perplasm, mit-mitochondria,chl-chloroplast,and pm-plasma membrane.