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Figure 3

From: Web-based visual analysis for high-throughput genomics

Figure 3

Circster visualization of mapped RNA-seq reads and potential chimeric transcripts. Top: from inside to out, the concentric circles in the visualization denote mapped RNA-seq reads from two bladder cancer cell lines (SRA study no. SRP013232) and mapped RNA-seq reads from three different tissue types of the BodyMap 2.0 dataset: skeletal muscle, heart, and adrenal. The arcs in the visualization represent a random selection of 50 potential chimeric transcripts from ChimerDB 2.0 Bottom: zooming in provides more details, and a region near the end of chromosome X has relatively-high expression for cancer cells but low expression for normal tissues and includes a potential chimeric transcript (orange box). The total amount of data visualized is ~20GB.

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