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Figure 3

From: Transcript profiling by microarray and marker analysis of the short cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fiber mutant Ligon lintless-1 (Li 1 )

Figure 3

Cellulose synthase expression profiles in wild type and Li 1 mutant as determined by qPCR analysis. A) Ghi.1151 (GhCesA1), B) Ghi.6061 (GhCesA2), C) Ghi.5191 (GhCesA3) and D) Ghi.8518 (GhCesA5) demonstrated expression patterns consistent with secondary cell wall synthesis and did not exhibit altered regulation in the Li 1 mutant. E) Ghi.3562.1 (Cellulose synthase-like E1, CSLE1) also did not demonstrate altered gene expression in the Li 1 mutant, however showed expression consistent with being primary cell wall-related. F) GhiAffx.58712.1 is identified as GhCesA6 (ACS88358), showed significant decreased expression in the Li 1 mutant at the mid to late elongation stages (8 and 12 DPA).

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