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Table 5 Upstream regulators induced by L-OHP treatment in HT-29R

From: Oxaliplatin induces different cellular and molecular chemoresistance patterns in colorectal cancer cell lines of identical origins

Upstream regulator Log ratio Molecule type Predicted activation state z-score p-value of overlap Target molecules in dataset
TGM2 0.968 Enzyme Activated 4.762 8.90E-09 DDX60, DDX60L, DEFA1, HIP1, IFI6, IFIT1, IFIT2, IFIT3, IFIT5, IRF9, MT2A, OAS3, OASL, PARP9, PHLDA1, PLSCR1, RARRES3, RUNX2, SAMD9L, SLFN5, STAT1, TGFB1, XAF1
STAT1 0.855 Transcription regulator Activated 3.592 1.47E-08 AGT, ALDH1A3,CLIC5, DPP4, HERC6, IFI27, IFI6, IFIT1, IFIT2, IFITM1, IRF9, ISG15, KCTD12, PSMB8, PSMB9, PTGS2, RUNX1, SLFN5, STAT1, TLR3, TYMP, USP18
TLR3 0.624 Transmembrane receptor Activated 3.392 5.85E-07 DHX58, IFI44, IFI44L, IFI6, IFIH1, IFIT1,IFIT2, IFIT3, IFNE, ISG15, MX1, MX2, OASL, PHLDA1, PLK2, PTGS2, STAT1, TLR3, USP18
INSIG1 -2.061 Other Activated 3.039 1.74E-06 CXCR4, CYP51A1, DHCR7, HMGCS1, HMGCS2, IDI1, LDLR, PLD1, SCD, SQLE, SREBF1, STARD4,TGFB1
NFATC2 0.635 Transcription regulator Activated 3.019 3.84E-05 IFIT2, ISG15, LMO4, MX1, OASL, PLD1, PLK2, PTGS2, SH3BP5, SLCO3A1, STAT1, TGFB1,T LR3
IFNE 0.861 Cytokine Activated 2.804 2.07E-07 IFIH1, IFIT2, MX2, PTGS2, RARRES3, STAT1, TLR3, USP18
PARP9 1.087 Other Activated 2.433 1.24E-06 IFI44, IFIT1, IFIT2, IFIT3, ISG15, STAT1
IFIH1 0.742 Enzyme Activated 2.190 2.68E-04 BST2, ISG15, MX1, PHLDA1, RND3
SREBF1 -0.624 Transcription regulator Inhibited -2.980 1.36E-07 CAMK1D, CYP51A1, DHCR7, HMGCS1, HNF4A, IDI1, INSIG1, LDLR, MSMO1, NR0B2, PNPLA3, PTGS2, SCD, SQLE, SREBF1, STARD4,T GFB1, VEGFA
USP18 0.941 Peptidase Inhibited -2.219 5.62E-05 IFI6, IFITM3, IRF9, ISG15, MX1