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Table 2 Repertoires and evolutionary mechanisms of selected duplicated genes or gene families in mammals and silkworm

From: Segmental duplications in the silkworm genome

  Human Fly Silkworm Mechanisms
Cytochrome P450 enzyme 57 86 84 catalyze the oxidation of organic substances
Ras subfamily 27 > = 3 > = 3 participate as central control elements in signal transduction pathways
Serine protease 86 147 51 variety of physiological processes, such as cell signaling, defense and development
Glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductase (GMC) 1 15 43 Developmental or physiological process, immunity
Olfactory Receptor 1152 14 66 responsible for the detection of odor molecules
30 K proteins (30KPs, Lipoprotein_11) - - 73 physiological processes such as energy storage, embryonic development, and immune response