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Table 1 Summary of the transcriptomes of the alimentary canal of grain aphid upon feeding on wheat

From: Identifying potential RNAi targets in grain aphid (Sitobion avenae F.) based on transcriptome profiling of its alimentary canal after feeding on wheat plants

  Duizhao (pre-feeding) Chuli (post-feeding) All
Total number of reads 26,285,658 25,667,932  
Total nucleotides (nt) 2,365,709,220 2,310,113,880  
Total number of contigs 93,174 83,219  
Total number of scaffolds 44,170 40,497  
Mean length of scaffolds (bp) 421 432  
Total unigenes 35,267 32,714 30,427
Mean length of unigenes (bp) 493 501 664
GC percentage 42.19% 44.12%