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Table 4 List of candidate genes in rice collinear regions with a 4-fold change in transcript levels in response to powdery mildew

From: Genetic basis of qualitative and quantitative resistance to powdery mildew in wheat: from consensus regions to candidate genes

Chr Marker interval wheat Locus interval rice Rice locus BLASTX best hit Putative function E value
3A Xbcd22-Xbcd372 Os01g47540 (Os01g0665300)-Os01g67800 Os01g48610 (Os01g0677900) NP_001043854 unknown 0.00E + 00
Os01g50100 (Os01g0695800) CAD59587 MDR-like ABC transporter 0.00E + 00
Os01g50420 (Os01g0699600) ACH99698 NPKL4 0.00E + 00
Os01g51670 (Os01g0714600) NP_001044058 unknown 1.00E-98
Os01g53920 (Os01g0742400) BAD87898 putative LRK1 protein 0.00E + 00
Os01g55560 (Os01g0760900) Q5JMF2 Abl interactor-like protein 5 0.00E + 00
Os01g55974 (Os01g0765000) BAD87146 deoxycytidylate deaminase-like 7.00E-164
Os01g56560 (Os01g0772400) EAY75988 putative coenzyme Q binding site 2.00E-133
Os01g57730 (Os01g0787000) BAB90103 putative peroxidase 0.00E + 00
Os01g58170 BAD53004 S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase 7.00E-35
Os01g60730 (Os01g0822800) BAB86495 putative RING-H2 zinc finger protein 2.00E-60
Os01g62430 (Os01g0841700) Q0JHU5 Elicitor-responsive protein 1 5.00E-105
Os01g63380 (Os01g0852650) EAZ14299 MULE transposase domain 0.00E + 00
Os01g63920 BAD82052 unknown 9.00E-74
2B wPt-2120-Xcdo244 Os04g22100-Os04g59494 (Os04g0691500) Os04g30670 ADB85432 putative retrotransposon protein 1.00E-05
Os04g34540 (Os04g0422700) EAY94121 hypothetical protein 5.00E-30
Os04g27020 NP_001052496 Cytochrome P450 family protein 0.00E + 00
Os04g28140 CAE02105 unknown 4.00E-93
Os04g47400 (Os04g0561900) NP_001053555 unknown 0.00E + 00
Os04g47650 (Os04g0564100) EAZ41424 Peptidase S9A 3.00E-05
Os04g38930 (Os04g0463300) CAE76009 PPR repeat family 0.00E + 00
Os04g39350 (Os04g0469000) NP_001053041 unknown 5.00E-46
Os04g53998 (Os04g0632100) NP_001053986 S-locus receptor-like kinase RLK13 0.00E + 00
Os04g57570 AAO37957 putative gag-pol polyprotein 0.00E + 00
4B Xbcd110-wPt-9223 Os03g04410 (Os03g0136900)- Os03g16310 Os03g01740 (Os03g0107700) Q10SY2 Cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitor EL2 3.00E-54
Os03g03034 (Os03g0122300) ABF93706 2OG-Fe oxygenase family protein 0.00E + 00
Os03g07880 (Os03g0174900) ABF94255 CCAAT-Binding transcription Factor 7.00E-161
Os03g10100 (Os03g0197200) EEE58504 Sugar transporter family protein 0.00E + 00
Os03g11690 (Os03g0216300) EEC74765 PPR repeat family 0.00E + 00
Os03g10600 (Os03g0203100) EEE58531 Urb2/Npa2 pre-60S ribosomal particles family 0.00E + 00
Os03g15320 (Os03g0258900) ABF95066 glyoxal oxidase 0.00E + 00
5B - Os09g01690 (Os09g0104300)-Os09g38790 (Os09g0560900) Os09g10550 NP_001175748 Ulp1 protease family 4.00E-143
Os09g11480 (Os09g0287000) BAD29670 ethylene responsive AP2/ERF domain protein 1.00E-73
Os09g21620 (Os09g0384300) BAD25962 F-box-like protein 0.00E + 00
Os09g23610 (Os09g0400900) BAD28514 unknown 3.00E-30
Os09g25520 BAD33414 unknown 0.00E + 00
Os09g29710 (Os09g0472900) NP_001063448 Blight-associated protein p12 precursor 1.00E-70
Os09g31019 (Os09g0483200) NP_001063507 Ribosomal L40e family 3.00E-82
Os09g32360 (Os09g0499400) BAF25485 unknown 0.00E + 00
Os09g39080 (Os09g0564200) EAZ45686 unknown 3.00E-39
  1. Chr chromosome.