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Table 2 Coding potential of sORFs in different genomic locations

From: Combining in silico prediction and ribosome profiling in a genome-wide search for novel putatively coding sORFs

Genomic location # of sORFsa Coding sORFsb Pcod > 0.9c Pcod > 0.99c Ribo sORFsd Coding Ribo sORFse
ncRNA 20,810 9,922 6,443 1,100 528 401
Exonic 63,180 34,063 21,546 10,872   
Other 155,633 80,891 37,730 9,894   
Intronic 417,277 34,845 14,582 2,361   
Intergenic 1,757,458 223,235 107,567 27,371 226 89
  1. Number of sORFs divided per genomic region and for which certain in silico and/or expression evidence can be found. Included are total number of sOFs with high coding potential (according to sORFfinder), number of sORFs having scores above certain thresholds (according to SVM analysis), number of sORFs which show ribosome profiling expression and number of sORFs for which in silico coding as well as expression evidence is available.
  2. a Total number of sORFs with high coding potential according to sORFfinder.
  3. b Total number of sORFs classified as coding by SVMlight.
  4. c Pcod is the coding probability score as predicted by SVMlight.
  5. d sORFs with mapped ribosome profiles, attaining sequence read coverage > 75% of the total ORF (based on cycloheximide treatment), and ribosome profile hits at the ORF start site (based on harringtonine treated samples).
  6. e Ribo sORFs (see under d for description) classified as coding by SVMlight.