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Table 1 Similarity between XaPPTase and other PPTases involved in NRPS and fatty acid biosynthesis in bacteria (from[25])

From: Genome mining reveals the genus Xanthomonas to be a promising reservoir for new bioactive non-ribosomally synthesized peptides

Pathways   Proteins   Organisms a Experimentally-determined specificities (A/P)b   Domain I Spacing between domains I and II (in aa)   Domain II Overall amino acid identities / similarities with XabA
Albicidin and unknown XabA X. albilineans str. LS155 Pc GVGID LERP --(x)39-- FS AKES LFK AAY -
AlbXXI X. albilineans str. Xa23R1 ? GVGID LERP --(x)39-- FS AKES LFK AAY 100% /-
XaPPTase X. albilineans str. GPE PC73 ? GVGID LERP --(x)39-- FS AKES LFK AAY 94% / 95%
XaPPTase Xanthomonas spp. str. XaS3 ? GVGID LERM --(x)39-- FS AKES LFK AAY 83% / 87%
Unknown XaPPTase All sequenced X. oryzae strains* ? GIGID LEHL --(x)38-- FS AKES LFK ASF 40% / 51%
Unknown XaPPTase X. sacchari str. NCPPB4393 ? GIG LD VERV --(x)38-- FS AKES FYK AAA 41% / 55%
Unknown BBta_3710 Bradyrhizobium spp. BTAi ? ALG LD IEDV --(x)35-- FS AKEA YYK CQY 25% / 36%
Enterobactin EntD E. coli str. K12 substr. MG1655 Pd PIGID IEEI --(x)36-- FS AKES AFK ASE 23% / 31%
Mycobactin PptT M. tuberculosis str. CSU93 Pe SVGID AEPH --(x)35-- FC AKEA TYK AWF 25% / 34%
Gramicidin Gsp Bacillus brevis str. ATCC 9999 Pd PVGID IERI --(x)35-- WT IKES YIK AIG 14% / 21%
Surfactin Sfp Bacillus subtilis str. RB14 A/Pf PIGID IEKT --(x)35-- WS MKES FIK QEG 17% / 25%
Fatty acids AcpS E. coli str. K12 substr. MG1655 Ad GLG TD IVEI --(x)40-- F AVKEA AAK AFG 9% / 14%
Fatty acids AcpT E. coli str. K12 substr. MG1655 ? EVG CD IEVI --(x)34-- WT RKEA IVK QRG 13% / 22%
Fatty acids AcpS M. tuberculosis str. CSU93 Ae GVGID LVSI --(x)41-- W AAKEA VIK AWS 11% / 17%
Unknown HetI X. albilineans str. GPE PC73 ? RLGVD IERQ --(x)37-- WC AKEA LLK AHG 25% / 31%
Unknown HetI Xanthomonas spp. str. XaS3 ? RLGVD IERQ --(x)37-- WC AKEA LLK AHG 22% / 28%
Unknown HetI All sequenced X. oryzae strains ? RLGVD LERI --(x)37 -- WC AKEA LLK AYG 20% / 25%
Consensus     (V/I)G(I/V)D**   (F/W)(S/C/TxKE(S/A)xxK**  
  1. a str. = strain; substr. = substrain.
  2. b A, specific for acyl carrier protein (ACP) domains; P, specific for peptidyl carrier protein (PCP) domains.
  3. c[25].
  4. d[12].
  5. e[15].
  6. f[36].
  7. *: XaPPTase gene from strain PXO99A was mis-annotated (correct start codon is upstream of the one deposited in GenBank).
  8. **: Consensus signature sequences of PPTase domains as defined by [14, 15].