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Table 9 Identified methylation patterns

From: Efficient and accurate whole genome assembly and methylome profiling of E. coli

Strain Genotype 6 mA - Enriched motifs(percent) 5mC
BL21(DE3) dam(+), dcm(−), hsdSB(rB- mB-) GA TC (94.83)    None
Bal225 dam(−), dcm(−) AA C6NGTGC (97.86) GCA C6NGTT (96.71)   None
DH5α dam(+), dcm(+) AA C6NGTGC (98.15) GCA C6NGTT (98.82) GA TC (98.49) CC WGG (40.20)
  1. The nucleotide bases in bold are the nucleotides that are covalently modified by their respective enzymes.