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Table 1 Dsg transposition in maize genome

From: InsertionMapper: a pipeline tool for the identification of targeted sequences from multidimensional high throughput sequencing data

Well Chr Location Dsg insertion sequence Gene model Dsg exon insertion Gene description
20G08 1 275382862 GTAGCATC… GRMZM2G010034 2/6 Uncharacterized protein
20H04 2 40009418 CAGATGAC… GRMZM2G327295 2/4 Putative copper transport protein
20H07 10 10196376 CAAGTGAA… GRMZM2G046284 2/2 Fructose bisphosphate aldolase
20H11 9 154438893 GTCGCCGA… GRMZM2G092718 3/3 Putative copper transport protein
21B12 9 152260129 GGCGTGCA… GRMZM2G438840 2/2 Putative leucine rich-repeat transmemberane protein kinase
21B12 9 102784988 GTCTGAAC… GRMZM2G006790 1/4 Putative calcium binding protein CML21
21C05 7 164656311 TCTGCGGC… GRMZM2G082205 2/22 Putative protein
21D01 9 154438893 GTCGCCGA… GRMZM2G092718 3/3 Putative copper transport protein
21D03 2 40150103 GTGCCATT… GRMZM2G050435 3/5 Hypothetical protein
21D06 7 11443820 CTTGTATA… GRMZM2G401308 5/5 Histone H1-3
  1. 10 Dsg s from plate 20 and plate 21 are shown with their 3-D coordinates in sample pools (Well), chromosome (Chr) locations on the maize B73 genome (Location), 8-bp target site duplication (TSD) of host junction sequences (Dsg insertion sequence), sequences within ±1kb to the insertion site (Gene model), the exon where Dsg inserted relative to the total number of exons in that gene (Dsg exon insertion) and the gene description. A full list of sequence-indexed Dsg s can be viewed at our project website