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Table 2 Performance of a BLAST based search compared to a profile HMM search for diverse simulate and real metagenomes

From: Improving prokaryotic transposable elements identification using a combination of de novo and profile HMM methods

Dataset BLAST ISs false positives HMM search ISs false positives
S. solfataricus, 1 kb 149 0 133 0
S. solfataricus, 250 bp 149 0 129 0
S. solfataricus, 100 bp 149 0 29 0
SAR11 Metagenome, ~250 bp 20 NA 13 NA
PBS Metagenome, ~1 kb 189 281 264 7
JCVI Metagenome, ~900 bp 44 114 87 0
  1. Sulfolobus datasets correspond to in silico fragmented genomes and the results indicated the number of individual transposases identified. For the real marine metagenomes, the results indicate the number of apparent true transposases identified (false or ambiguous positives have been removed after careful alignments visualization) in addition to the numbers of false positives. NA: not applicable (see the text for further details).