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Table 1 Major proteomic studies performed on human urine a

From: Urinary proteomic and non-prefractionation quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis during pregnancy and non-pregnancy

Year Title Sample No. of identifications Analysis method and instrument used Reference
2004 Identification and proteomic profiling of exosomes in human urine exosome 295 1-DE and LC–MS/MS [25]
2004 Establishment of a near-standard two-dimensional human urine proteomic map urine 113 2-DE and MALDI TOF [22]
2005 Exploring the hidden human urinary proteome via ligand library beads urine 383 2-DE and SELDI-TOF; LC FT-ICR [8]
2005 Human urine proteome analysis by three separation approaches urine 226 1-DE and 2D LC LCQ-DECAXpplus [24]
2005 Development of a high-throughput method for preparing human urine for two-dimensional electrophoresis urine 50 2-DE and 4700 TOF/TOF MS [21]
2006 The human urinary proteome contains more than 1500 proteins, including a large proportion of membrane proteins urine 1543 1-DE and LC LTQ-Orbitrap and LC-FT [6]
2006 Characterization of the human urine proteome by preparative electrophoresis in combination with 2-DE urine 141 2-DE and MALDI TOF [20]
2006 Simple urinary sample preparation for proteomic analysis urine 339 2-DE and MALDI TOF [9]
2008 Optimizing sample handling for urinary proteomics urine 735 1-DE and LC LTQ [4]
2009 Urine proteomics for profiling of human disease using high accuracy mass spectrometry urine 2362 1-DE and LC LTQ-Orbitrap [5]
2009 Large-scale proteomics and phosphoproteomics of urinary exosomes exosome 1132 1-DE and LC LTQ [26]
2009 High speed two-dimensional protein separation without gel by isoelectric focusing-asymmetrical flow field flow fractionation: application to urinary proteome urine 245 2D-IEF and LC LCQ-DecaXP [23]
2010 A comprehensive and non-prefractionation on the protein level approach for the human urinary proteome: touching phosphorylation in urine urine 1310 2D LC LTQ-Orbitrap [2]
2011 A comprehensive map of the human urinary proteome urine 1823 1-DE and LC LTQ-Orbitrap Velos [3]
2012 Analysis of the urine proteome via a combination of multi-dimensional approaches urine 558 1-DE and quadrupole ITMS [19]
2012 Urine proteome of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients urine 1700 IEF and LC LTQ-Orbitrap Velos [7]
2013 Urinary proteomic and non-prefractionation quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis during pregnancy and non-pregnancy urine 2579 1-DE and ESI-MS/MS (LTQ-Orbitrap Velos) this study
  1. aSummary of the major mass-spectrometry-based studies performed on the urinary proteome is listed. Table includes details about the numbers of total proteins, sample categories and the analysis method and the type of mass spectrometer used in the listed studies.