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Table 1 Databases screened for sequence similarity

From: Identification of novel transcripts and noncoding RNAs in bovine skin by deep next generation sequencing

Database RNA class Source/URL Reference
Rfam v11 RNA families [49]
Refseq NCBI (15/12/2012) Protein coding and noncoding RNA  
Gencode v13 Protein coding and noncoding RNA [9, 50]
LNCipedia v1.2 Annotated human long noncoding RNA [51]
Noncode v3.0 Integrative annotation of noncoding RNA [52]
lincRNA (01/11/2012) Annotated human long intergenic noncoding RNA [38]
RNAdb v2.0 Noncoding RNA [53]
lncRNA (01/11/2012) lncRNAs in eukaryotes [54]
Dataset 1 Bovine noncoding RNA Personal information of the authors [47]
Dataset 2 Bovine long noncoding RNA Supplemental information [48]