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Table 3 Sequence similarity of unknown transcripts to sequences detected in non-bovine RNA databases

From: Identification of novel transcripts and noncoding RNAs in bovine skin by deep next generation sequencing

Category UTs Similarity Analysed databases
lncRNA (including conserved lncRNA) 281 (227) Gencode v13, Noncode v3.0, Lncipedia v1.2, NCBI refseq
Amended gene 67 NCBI refseq, Gencode v13
UTR of known gene 152 NCBI refseq, Gencode v13
Potential novel gene 46 NCBI refseq, Gencode v13
Pseudogene 96 NCBI refseq, Gencode v13, Noncode v3.0
Potential pseudogene 46 NCBI refseq, Gencode v13, Noncode v3.0
  1. Screened databases were described in TableĀ 1. Transcripts were categorised after manual curation of the similarity hits received from database searches.