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Table 5 IPA results

From: STaRRRT: a table of short tandem repeats in regulatory regions of the human genome

Top Bio Functions Molecules (n) p-value
Diseases and disorders
Neurological disease 443 1.27E-04 - 4.94E-02
Psychological disorders 236 1.81E-04 - 4.94E-02
Developmental disorder 132 9.19E-04 - 4.24E-02
Antimicrobial response 29 1.38E-03 - 2.00E-02
Infectious disease 418 2.25E-03 - 4.17E-02
Molecular and cellular functions
Cellular movement 325 3.39E-04 - 4.81E-02
Cell death and survival 501 6.18E-04 - 4.83E-02
Cell-to-cell signaling and interaction 119 1.07E-03 - 4.81E-02
Cellular development 290 1.17E-03 - 4.37E-02
Cellular growth and proliferation 192 1.47E-03 - 4.81E-02
Physiological system development and functions
Cardiovascular system development and function 167 7.56E-06 - 4.70E-02
Organismal development 146 3.20E-05 - 4.37E-02
Humoral immune response 12 1.38E-03 - 4.81E-02
Reproductive system development and function 31 1.47E-03 - 4.17E-02
Hematological system development and function 107 1.74E-03 - 4.81E-02
Top 20 canonical pathways Ratio p-value
NGF signaling 34/111 (0.306) 3.16E-03
Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate salvage pathway 22/62 (0.355) 4.22E-03
Reelin signaling in neurons 26/82 (0.317) 6.29E-03
Neuropathic pain signaling in dorsal horn neurons 31/102 (0.304) 6.92E-03
GNRH signaling 38/135 (0.281) 7.00E-03
Cellular effects of sildenafil (Viagra) 37/127 (0.291) 9.28E-03
Calcium signaling 48/189 (0.254) 1.01E-02
Factors promoting cardiogenesis in vertebrates 27/91 (0.297) 1.27E-02
Synaptic long-term depression 39/142 (0.275) 1.51E-02
B cell receptor signaling 43/162 (0.265) 1.95E-02
FGF signaling 26/88 (0.295) 2.01E-02
mTOR signaling 49/189 (0.259) 2.06E-02
Gɑq signaling 40/157 (0.255) 2.33E-02
Dopamine-DARPP32 feedback in cAMP signaling 43/161 (0.267) 2.40E-02
D-myo-inositol (1,4,5)-triphosphate biosynthesis 10/26 (0.385) 2.66E-02
PPARɑ/RXRɑ activation 44/173 (0.254) 2.86E-02
NF-κB activation by viruses 22/79 (0.278) 3.18E-02
Xenobiotic metabolism signaling 66/268 (0.246) 3.20E-02
Antioxidant action of vitamin C 27/98 (0.276) 3.43E-02
Maturity onset diabetes of young (MODY) signaling 8/22 (0.364) 3.64E-02
  1. Results from comparison of the set of transcripts containing STaRRRT STRs with the reference set Ingenuity Knowledge Base are shown. For “Top Bio Functions”, the number of molecules (n) relates to genes containing STaRRRT STRs in each enriched functional group. For “Top Canonical Pathways”, the number of STR-containing genes, relative to the total number of genes for each canonical pathway, is shown as a fraction and as a ratio (in brackets). Results shown are limited to those with a p-value less than 0.05 for the “Top Bio Functions” and the 20 most significant results with a p-value less than 0.05 for the “Top Canonical Pathways”.