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Table 4 Significantly enriched biological processes within the gene-gene interaction network, estimated by GO term enrichment analyses using PANTHER 8.0

From: A systems biology approach using metabolomic data reveals genes and pathways interacting to modulate divergent growth in cattle

Biological process N reference* N network (observed)§ N network (expected)# P value+
Cell communication 1982 347 271 8.60E-06
Signal transduction 1865 325 255 5.25E-05
Cellular process 2742 450 375 6.33E-05
Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 893 169 122 1.45E-03
Cell adhesion 638 126 87 3.97E-03
  1. *Total number of genes in the reference list for the respective biological process.
  2. §Total number of genes in the gene-gene interaction network for the respective biological process.
  3. #Total number of number of genes that would be expected by chance.
  4. +Significance of enrichment calculated by a binomial statistical test and corrected for multiple testing via a Bonferroni correction.