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Table 1 Total Illumina reads for each of the Musca domestica strains/lines tested

From: A whole transcriptomal linkage analysis of gene co-regulation in insecticide resistant house flies, Musca domestica

Sample SRA*accession Total PE**reads passing chastity filter Discarded Reads used
aabys SRR521286 40284931 2794419 37490512
CS SRR521290 34589399 2561540 32027859
ALHF SRR521289 30329576 2208815 28120761
ALHF- replicate SRR521288 26151304 1406309 24744995
  1. *Sequence Read Archive, National Center for Biotechnology Information (
  2. **51 nt Paired-end reads with an average insert size of 200 nt.
  3. Discarded reads were removed using Trimmomatic based on a sliding window quality cut off of (4:15) and a minimum length of 36 nt after adapter removal. In addition all mate pairs were excluded from analysis if one of the mate pairs was rejected by Trimmomatic.