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Figure 2

From: DNA methylation profile dynamics of tissue-dependent and differentially methylated regions during mouse brain development

Figure 2

Stage-specific DNA methylation profile of NSph-T-DMRs in NPCs. (A) K-means clustering of the regions corresponding to NSph-T-DMRs by Pearson’s correlations of their MATscores. The delta MATscores (ΔMATscores) were obtained by comparing duplicate D-REAM data of the AdBr, and E11.5NSph or E14.5NSph, with those of E14.5NSph (for E11Hypo) and E11.5NSph (for E14Hypo), respectively, and were displayed as heatmaps. The range of ΔMATscores, which indicate differentially methylated status at the loci, is indicated at the bottom of the panels. (B) Band intensities of electrophoresis images of COBRA were analyzed densitometrically, and methylation percentages were calculated and plotted. Dotted lines indicate methylation percentages of E11.5NSph for E11Hypo-T-DMRs and those of E14.5NSph for E14Hypo-T-DMRs.

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