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Figure 1

From: Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of T cell activation reveals differential gene expression associated with psoriasis

Figure 1

Validation of the most significantly up-regulated genes in in vitro activated T cells of psoriasis patients compared to healthy controls. (a) Heat map of microarray expression data for the genes most significantly associated with psoriasis (FDR p-value < 00.5, FCH > 1.2). The gene expression values for each gene have been scaled using the minimum and maximum values in order to represent a normalized gene expression gradient (b) Technical validation of SPATS2L, KLF6, SP140 and RORA genes by RT-PCR (Psoriasis n = 17, and Controls n = 7). (c) Biological validation of SPATS2L, KLF6 and SP140 genes by RT-PCR in an independent cohort of psoriasis patients and healthy controls (n = 8 each). **p < 0.01 and *p < 0.05.

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