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Table 4 Pathway classification accuracy on influenza compared to other published results

From: Iterative feature removal yields highly discriminative pathways

Acc Classifier
100.0 B cell maturation and activation + Cell adhesion molecules
93.0 Antigen recognition genes
93.0 Bayesian Elastic Net (from [10])
91.2 Bayesian Lasso (from [10])
93.0 Elastic Net (from [10])
91.2 Lasso (from [10])
91.2 Relevance Vector Machine (from [10])
93.0 SVM-RFE (from [10])
  1. In this table, the accuracy of our best single-pathway and best pathway-pair classifiers are compared to the best classifiers reported by Chen et al. [10]. The same protocol is followed: classifiers are trained using H3N2 data from time intervals 14-16 and tested on H1N1 from the same time period.