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Table 1 Statistics of the BAC Library, fingerprints and BESs of V. virens strain UV-8b

From: A BAC based physical map and genome survey of the rice false smut fungus Villosiclava virens

Category Value
Clone number 5760
Empty rate < 0.1%
Average insert size 140 kb
Genome coverage1 22.7X
Clones end-sequenced 4512
Clones with BESs 3722
  Paired-end BESs 2838
  Single-end BESs 884
Average BES length 462 bp
GC content 51.52%
Clones fingerprinted 2688
Clones with fingerprints data2 2290
  Assembled into FPC contigs 2035
   With paired-end BESs 1557
   With single-end BESs 407
  As singletons 255
   With paired-end BESs 194
   With single-end BESs 48
Average bands per clone3 124
  1. 1The genome size of V. virens was estimated as 35.5 Mb.
  2. 2The clones that contained 50–200 bands were imported into FPC for contig assembly.
  3. 3The total bands of all successfully fingerprinted clones were 283391.