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Archived Comments for: Characterization of cytokinin signaling and homeostasis gene families in two hardwood tree species: Populus trichocarpa and Prunus persica

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  1. Errata for SupFig6.docx and SupT2.xlsx.

    Juha Immanen, University of Helsinki

    27 November 2014

    Some PpRRs have different name in main manuscript and in supplementary files.

    SupFig6.docx and SupT2.xlsx PpRR name should be changed like this:

    PpRR2 to PpRR8

    PpRR3 to PpRR9

    PpRR4 to PpRR11

    PpRR5 to PpRR18

    PpRR6 to PpRR12

    PpRR7 to PpRR14

    PpRR8 to PpRR16

    PpRR9 to PpRR17

    PpRR10 to PpRR21


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