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Table 5 Result summary of species name check

From: Global catalogue of microorganisms (gcm): a comprehensive database and information retrieval, analysis, and visualization system for microbial resources

Organism type Species names Un-matched species name Percentage of un-match
Archaea 1399 32 2.30%
Microalgae 1457 360 24.70%
Fungi 20719 698 3.40%
Bacteria 12855 1098 8.50%
Total 36430 2188 6.00%
  1. This table provides comparative results of the species names within GCM with public microbial nomenclature database. Species2000, NCBI taxonomy, LPSN and Mycobank were used as reference databases. The average percentage of unmatched names is 6%, while the archaea and fungi showed lower than average percentage of unmatched names. The percentage of unmatched names is relatively high for microalgae, possibly due to the irregular naming for microalgae.