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Table 2 Structure search and comparison of the three novel folds with the structural analogs

From: New enumeration algorithm for protein structure comparison and classification

New fold Detected analog DaliLite TM-align GANGSTA+ deconSTRUCT SSM ePC
2JMK/7/57 1GO4H/4/93 11.0/0/75 4.0/1/67 1.8/7/61 0/0 1/14 4/100%/8.3
2AJE/7/44 1J7NB/40/738 3.9/3/45 3.4/3/45 2.1/4/53 3/31 3/61 7/100%/10.9
2ES9/5/58 1SXJH/15/267 2.5/4/57 4.0/5/65 1.8/5/69 3/36 2/38 5/100%/9.9
  1. The results for DaliLite, TM-align and GANGSTA+ are from [7]. The format of protein entries: PDB ID/number of SSEs/number of residues in these SSEs. The format of the testing result for DaliLite, TM-align and GANGSTA+: RMSD/number of aligned SSEs/number of aligned residues. The format of the testing results for deconSTRUCT and SSM: no. of matched SSEs/no. of aligned AAs, and for our approach ePC: no. of matched SSEs/CORE-COV/score).