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Table 2 Target genes of 15 dysregulated miRNA were selected for RT-PCR examination in this study

From: Co-modulated behavior and effects of differentially expressed miRNA in colorectal cancer

Target type Group Gene Symbol miRNA Expression level in colon cancer#
predicted Group I GDNF miR133a, miR9 Down**
  miRNA MYH9 miR133a, miR9 Up*
   RNF111 miR1, miR9 Down*
  GroupII GNA13 miR182, miR96 Down*
  miRNA HBEGF miR182, miR96 Down***
   LAMC1 miR182, miR96 Up***
   PPP2R3A miR182, miR96 Down***
known Group III Bim miR10b NS
  miRNA CDC42 miR1 NS
   collagen I miR143 Up***
   CyclinD1 miR1 Up**
   PPP2CA miR133 NS
   Versican miR9 Up**
   calmodulin miR196a, miR143 NS
  Group IV ATM miR18a NS
  miRNA FBXW7 miR182 NS
   FZD3 miR31, miR182 NS
   SMAD2 miR18a Up**
  Group V CREB1 miR10b, miR182 Up***
   FBXW11 miR133, miR96, miR182 NS
  Mixed IGF1 miR1, miR18a Down***
   MAP3K14 miR137, miR31 NS
   MSN miR133a, miR96 Up***
   PDGFRA miR342, miR182 NS
   SMAD4 miR1, miR224 NS
   RASA1 miR1, miR96, miR182, miR31 NS
  1. # Paired t test results: NS: not significant, * P < 0.05, ** P <0.01, *** P < 0.001