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Table 1 Genotypes and sources of strains used or created in this study

From: Illumina identification of RsrA, a conserved C2H2 transcription factor coordinating the NapA mediated oxidative stress signaling pathway in Aspergillus

Strain Genotype Reference
A. nidulans
MGG1.124 ΔlaeA::metG, ΔstcE::argB, trpC801, wA3, rsrA163, veA1 this study
RDIT2.1 metG1 [43]
RDIT9.32 WT [51]
RJH0126 ΔstcE::argB; argB2; trpC801; biA1; wA3; veA1 this study
RJW2 pyrG89, ΔstcE::argB, wA3, veA1 this study
RJW41A ΔlaeA::metG [8]
RJW46.4 ΔlaeA::metG, veA1 [43]
RJW112.2 ΔveA::argB this study
RJW113.4 ΔveA::argB, pyrG89 [52]
RJW160.17 trpC801, ΔstcE:;argB, ΔlaeA::metG, wA3, veA1, this study
RJW207.1, 3 ΔstcE::argB, ΔstcE::argB, wA3, veA1, rsr163 (5th cross progeny) this study
RJW207A ΔstcE::argB, ΔstcE::argB, wA3, veA1, rsr163 (6th cross progeny) this study
RJW207B ΔlaeA::metG, veA1, rsrA163 (6th cross progeny) this study
RJW207C ΔstcE::argB, ΔstcE::argB, wA3, rsr163 (6th cross progeny) this study
RJW263.2 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG this study
RJW273.17 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG, ΔlaeA::metG this study
RJW277.13 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG, pyroA4 this study
RJW279.2 ΔveA::argB, ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG this study
RTMH207.13 pyrG89 [53]
TNO2A7 nku70::argB, riboB2, pyrG89, pyroA4, veA1 [54]
TJW131 nku70::argB, ΔrsrA::A. parasiticus pyrG, riboB2, pyrG89, pyroA4, veA1 this study
TJW150.3 ΔrsrA::pyrG, rsrA::pyroA this study
HZS189 ΔatfA::riboB, pabaA1, riboB2, veA1 [55]
TWY7.3 ΔnapA::pyroA, ∆nkuA::argB, pyrG89, pyroA4 [30]
RFYL9.1 ΔnapA::pyroA this study
RFYL10.1 ΔatfA::riboB this study
RJW297.2 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG, ΔatfA::riboB this study
RJW298.10 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG, ΔnapA::pyroA this study
A. flavus
NRRL3357 WT [56]
NRRL3357.5 pyrG- [56]
TJW146.1 ΔrsrA:: A. parasiticus pyrG this study
A. fumigatus
CEA17 KU80 ΔpyrG, pyrG1, ΔakuB::pyrG, pyrG1 [57]
CEA17 KU80 pyrG+ ΔpyrG1, ΔakuB:pyrG [57]
TPHW1.4 pyrG1, ΔakuB::pyrG, ΔrsrA::pyrG this study
Af293 WT [58]
Af293.1 pyrG1 [58]
TPHW26.11 pyrG1, ΔrsrA::pyrG this study
TJW55.1 pyrG1, A. parasiticus pyrG [59]