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Table 1 Transcription factors with recognition binding sites located in the mPttg1 promoter

From: Transcriptional profiling reveals functional links between RasGrf1 and Pttg1 in pancreatic beta cells

AML-1a E2F (E2F5*, E2F6*) HSF2 RORa
Brn-2 E4BP4 Ik-2 S8
CdxA Elk-1 Ik-3 Sox-5
C/EBP Evi-1 Lyf-1 Sp1
C/EBPb GATA-1 MEF-2 (MEF2a*, MEF2b , MEF2c* and MEF2d ) SRY
c-Ets (ETS1* and ETS2) GATA-2 MZF1 TATA
COUP-T GATA-3 Nkx-2 (NKX2-2*, NKX2-3 , NKX2-4 , NKX2-5 , NKX2-6 ) USF
CP2 HFH-1 NRF-2 v-Myb
CRE-BP HNF-3b Oct-1 YY1
deltaE HNF-4 (HNF4a* and HNF4g ) Pbx-1  
  1. Analysis of the relationship of transcription factors capable of binding to the Pttg1 promoter with their differential gene expression in RasGrf1 KO pancreatic islets. List of 39 transcription factors (TF) with potential binding sites locatable in the promoter region of the mPttg1 locus as determined by TFSEARCH ( analysis of a 2,3 kbp region located 5′upstream of the transcription initiation site. TFs coincident with those identified by GeneCodis analysis as potentially responsible for the transcriptional profile of repressed (Additional file 8: Table S5A) or induced (Additional file 9: Table S5B) genes in the transcriptome of RasGrf1KO islets (Additional file 1: Table S1) are marked in bold. TFs whose expression is altered in the transcriptome of RasGrf1 KO islets (Additional file 1: Table S1) are marked with asterisks (overexpressed) or shown in italics (repressed).