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Table 1 Functionally characterized head- and tail-completion proteins of tailed bacteriophages classified in Aclame

From: Automated classification of tailed bacteriophages according to their neck organization

Phage Order Head-completion Ad Head-completion Hc Tail-completion Tc Neck type
SPP1 Siphoviridae gp15 1 gp16 2 gp17 3 1
Lambda Siphoviridae gpW gpFII 2 gpU 3 1
HK97 Siphoviridae gp6 1 gp7 gp9* 1
T4 Myoviridae gp13 gp14 gp15 3 2
P22 Podoviridae gp4 1 gp10 - 3
Φ29 Podoviridae gp11 - - 4
  1. *Refers to a protein identified through this study.
  2. Head- and tail-completion proteins extracted from the literature are listed in this table. Proteins of known 3D structure are indicated in bold. Structural homologies between proteins that were experimentally demonstrated are indicated by similar numbers in superscript. Neck types result from the current analysis. In particular, SPP1, λ and HK97 are gathered within the same phage type because they are predicted as exhibiting homologous head- and tail completion proteins. GpW of Siphoviridae phage λ corresponds to a rare alternative playing the role of SPP1 gp15 at the head-to-tail connection (although gpW and gp15 share no homology at the sequence and structural levels).