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Table 1 Study sample characteristics

From: Cross-species transcriptomic analysis elucidates constitutive aryl hydrocarbon receptor activity

Species Tissue AHR-active AHR-less-active
Strain n Strain n
Mouse Kidney C57BL/6J (wild-type) 6 C57BL/6J (AHR-null) 3
Mouse Liver C57BL/6J (wild-type) 5 C57BL/6J (AHR-null) 3
Rat Liver Long-Evans (Turku/AB) 3 Han/Wistar (Kuopio) 4
Rat Adipose Long-Evans (Turku/AB) 3 Han/Wistar (Kuopio) 4
Rat Hypothalamus Long-Evans (Turku/AB) 4 Han/Wistar (Kuopio) 4
  1. The composition of each study is described by species, tissues, strains, AHR-status and the number of samples for each group.