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Table 1 Genes over- and under-expressed under oxygen conditions (condition O2) for the strain MG1363

From: Early adaptation to oxygen is key to the industrially important traits of Lactococcus lactis ssp. cremoris during milk fermentation

NomSpot COG number COG functional categories Gene name Gene product 1 h 5 h 8 h
llmg_1464 COG3527 Q aldC alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase 4.59   
llmg_1309 COG0028 EH als acetolactate synthase large subunit 3.64   
llmg_1700 COG4608 E choQ choline ABC transporter ATP binding protein 3.21   
llmg_1699 COG1732 M choS choline ABC transporter permease and substrate binding protein 3.61   
llmg_1737 COG0596 R cpo non-heme chloride peroxidase 2.27   
llmg_0346 COG1118 P fhuC ferrichrome ABC transporter fhuC 4.28   
llmg_0349 COG0614 P fhuD ferrichrome ABC transporter substrate binding protein 5.67   
llmg_0348 COG0609 P fhuG ferrichrome ABC transporter permease protein 4.15   
llmg_1702 COG1249 C gshR glutathione reductase 3.00   
llmg_0274    llmg_0274 conserved hypothetical protein 4.67   
llmg_0276 COG0656 R llmg_0276 oxidoreductase, aldo/keto reductase family 3.52   
llmg_0281 COG1328 F llmg_0281 anaerobic ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase 6.11   
llmg_2143 COG1302 S llmg_2143 putative 20-kDa protein 3.24   
llmg_2144    llmg_2144 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica 5.30   
llmg_2145    llmg_2145 conserved hypothetical protein 5.27   
llmg_0075 COG0095 H lplL lipoate-protein ligase 8.38   
llmg_1828 COG1169 HQ menF menaquinone-specific isochorismate synthase 2.69   
llmg_0951 COG0225 O msrA peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase 2.52   
llmg_1970 COG0822 C nifU conserved hypothetical protein 4.33   
llmg_0408 COG0446 R noxE NADH oxidase 22.93   
llmg_1543 COG0209 F nrdE ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase alpha chain 16.70   
llmg_1544 COG0208 F nrdF ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase beta chain 5.63   
llmg_0282 COG0602 O nrdG anaerobic ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase activating protein 4.30   
llmg_1541 COG0695 O nrdH Glutaredoxin-like protein nrdH. 10.25   
llmg_1542 COG0716 C nrdI Ribonucleotide reductase NrdI 12.93   
llmg_0074 COG1071 C pdhA pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component alpha subunit 5.96   
llmg_0073 COG0022 C pdhB pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component beta subunit 5.03   
llmg_0072 COG0508 C pdhC pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E2 component 5.65   
llmg_0071 COG1249 C pdhD pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E3 component 2.84   
llmg_0629 COG1882 C pfl formate acetyltransferase   2.97  
llmg_0318 COG2077 O tpx thiol peroxidase 4.18   
llmg_0776 COG0492 O trxB2 thioredoxin reductase 4.28   
NomSpot COG number COG functional categories Gene name Gene product 1 h 5 h 8 h
llmg_2432 COG1012 C adhE alcohol-acetaldehyde dehydrogenase −7.45   
llmg_0100 COG2217 P cadA cation-transporting ATPase −4.06   
llmg_1865 COG3104 E dtpT di-/tripeptide transporter −2.11   
llmg_0758 COG0038 P eriC Putative chloride channel protein. −2.04   
llmg_1551 COG2116 P fdhC putative formate dehydrogenase −2.76   
llmg_1441 COG1053 C frdC fumarate reductase flavoprotein subunit −4.24   
llmg_0993 COG0634 F hprT hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase −2.01   
llmg_1915 COG0247 C llmg_1915 putative Fe-S oxidoreductase −3.61   
llmg_0447 COG0674 C nifJ Pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase and related 2-oxoacid:ferredoxin oxidoreductases, alpha subunit −11.19   
llmg_1514 COG2344 R rex Redox-sensing transcriptional repressor rex. −2.73   
llmg_0640 COG1393 P trmA Regulatory protein spx −2.15   
llmg_0429 COG0605 P sodA superoxide dismutase   −3.08  
llmg_1362    orf44 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica   −2.28  
llmg_1376 COG4227 L ltrC LtrC    −2.61
llmg_1377    orf30 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica    −2.09
llmg_1378    orf29 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica    −2.10
llmg_1379 COG2856 E orf28 Predicted Zn peptidase    −2.06
llmg_1384    orf24 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica    −2.11
llmg_1387 COG5179 K orf21 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica   −2.12  
llmg_1399    orf10 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica −2.37   
llmg_1402    orf8 hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica    −2.03
  1. Fold-changes of selected differentially expressed genes of the strain MG1363 in O2 condition in comparison with N2 condition, from a whole-genome microarray analysis (n = 3). Genes were significantly (p-value < 0.5) differentially expressed with a FDR < 0.5 and a |fold-change| > 2. Top table is over-expressed genes; bottom table is under-expressed genes. Under-expressed genes; the ninth last genes are involved in the conjugation.