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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes between treatments (thiamethoxam-treated relative to untreated) at the V2 and V4 vegetative stages ( p adj ≤ 0.05, fold change ≥ 2.0)

From: Transcriptional response of soybean to thiamethoxam seed treatment in the presence and absence of drought stress

Gene ID Gene name Fold change
Glyma12g06730 Rare lipoprotein A-like (RlpA) double-psi beta-barrel 2.0
Glyma02g31120 NA 1.8
Glyma02g43740 Oligopeptide transporter-related -1.8
Glyma05g14800 Plastocyanin-like domain -2.2
Glyma18g42630 Aquaporin -2.7
Glyma02g08120 Aquaporin -2.8
Glyma13g32380 Terpene synthase 5.8
Glyma08g13870 Mediator complex subunit 28 3.5
Glyma09g04370 Myb transcription factor -4.8
Glyma03g31410 NA -6.9
  1. Differential gene expression in the VC comparison was not detected.