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Table 1 Isolated ST453 strains and their source of isolation

From: Genomic characterisation of an endometrial pathogenic Escherichia coli strain reveals the acquisition of genetic elements associated with extra-intestinal pathogenicity

Strain Country Source Pathotype Reference
E. coli 28 Brazil Human UPEC [27]
ESBL116 Netherlands Human UPEC [28]
HMMC097 Brazil Human UPEC [10]
IMT19121 Germany Rat Faecal [29]
U2183 Germany Human UPEC [30]
Not given Portugal Seagull Faecal [31]
Not given China Human UPEC [32]
Not given China Human Faecal [32]
*Ecoli-CHU-52 France Human Faecal CHU J. Minjoz Besançon
*Ecoli-CHU-24 France Human Faecal CHU J. Minjoz Besançon
  1. *Unpublished isolate present in the University College Cork MLST database.
  2. ST453 E. coli previously isolated from humans and animals. Five of the eight isolates are from urinary tract infection of humans (UPEC), while the remaining three are faecal isolates from humans and animals. Two further unpublished isolates present in the MLST database (University College Cork, marked with an asterisk) have been isolated from humans in the absence of disease.