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Table 2 Key ExPEC-like genes in the genome of MS499

From: Genomic characterisation of an endometrial pathogenic Escherichia coli strain reveals the acquisition of genetic elements associated with extra-intestinal pathogenicity

Gene/group Function Reference
Yersiniabactin Siderophore iron acquisition system [37]
kpsS Capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis [40]
Fim Type I fimbrae for adhesion to surfaces [43]
Sit (p) Iron / Manganese transport [45]
Salmochelin (p) Siderophore iron acquisition system [6]
Aerobactin (p) Siderophore iron acquisition system [7]
  1. Key genes present in the genome of MS499 which have previously been implicated in extra-intestinal pathogenesis including iron acquisition systems, adhesive factors and capsule. Factors encoded on the MS499 plasmid are labelled (p).