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Table 1 Strains used in the study

From: Chaperone-usher fimbriae in a diverse selection of Gallibacterium genomes

Species Strain name_alternative name Host/lessions_country_yeara
G. anatis biovar anatis F149_ATCC43329T Duck/Intestine_DK_1979
G. anatis biovar haemolytica 23 K10 Chicken/no lession_DK
23 T10 Chicken_DK
21 K2 Chicken_DK
21 T2 Chicken_DK
36961/Sv7 Chicken_DK
  10672-6 Salp Chicken/Salpingitis_DK
12158-5 Salp Chicken_DK
10672/9 Salp_F114 Chicken_GER
  12656-12 Liver Chicken/Liver_DK_1981
F0003406 Turkey/Liver_USA
  1797 Turkey/Joint_GER
  7990 Chicken_MEX
4895 Chicken_MEX
Avicor Chicken_MEX
IPDH697-78 Chicken_GER_1978
Gerl. 3348/80_F219 Goose_GER
20558/3kl. Goose_DK
CCM5995_Mraz26b/65A Chicken_CZ_1978
Gerl.4224/88 Avian_GER
G. genomospecies 1 CCM5974_Mraz556/71B Chicken/Liver_CZ
G. genomospecies 2 CCM5976_Mraz576a/71D Chicken/Oviduct_CZ
  1. aInformation on the origin of the strains was obtained from Bojesen et al. [1, 40], Christensen et al. [8], Bojesen et al. [2], Bojesen and Shivaprasad [7], Bisgaard et al. [9], Kristensen et al. [11].