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Table 2 Annotation of the B. oleracea genes in the candidate region

From: Mapping and analysis of a novel candidate Fusarium wilt resistance gene FOC1 in Brassica oleracea

Bra genesa E-value Bol genesb Gene position on C06c Bol IPR annotationd AT IDe E-value AT GO annotationf
_ _ Bol037166 38746794-38747237 DNA polymerase AT5G18880 5E-21 biological process unknown
_ _ Bol037165 38749215-38750398 Alpha/beta hydrolase AT4G16690 8E-126 hydrolase activity
_ _ Bol037163 38753393-38754437 Ribosomal protein AT4G16720 2E-107 ribosomal protein
_ _ Bol037162 38754883-38755278 Exostosin-like AT4G16745 7E-68 exostosin family protein
_ _ Bol037161 38795305-38795850 transcriptional factor AT4G16750 2E-73 transcription factor
_ _ Bol037160 38801162-38804053 oxygenase AT4G16765 1E-117 oxidoreductase activity
Bra012690 0 Bol037159 38810947-38812479 Lipase AT4G16820 0 lipase activity
Bra012689 0 Bol037158 38813370-38815166 LRR AT4G16950 2E-82 RPP5; nucleotide binding
Bra012689 2E-90 Bol037157 38816186-38816452 TIR AT4G16890 1E-32 nucleotide binding
Bra012688 0 Bol037156 38822022-38824544 LRR AT4G08450 2E-17 disease resistance protein
Bra012687 0 Bol037155 38831452-38833049 Pollen allergen AT4G17030 3E-117 cellulose and wall loosening
  1. aB. rapa homologous genes in the candidate region.
  2. bTen B. oleracea genes in the candidate region. The likely resistance genes and their information are indicated in bold.
  3. cThe physical position of the ten B. oleracea genes on chromosome C06.
  4. dInterPro domain annotations for the ten B. oleracea genes obtained from BRAD.
  5. eThe best hits of the ten B.oleracea genes to A.thaliana (AT).
  6. fGO annotations for the ten Bol to AT best-hit genes obtained from BRAD.