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Figure 1

From: Effect of codon adaptation on codon-level and gene-level translation efficiency in vivo

Figure 1

Read depth and R/m ratio of genes and their relation to protein abundance and membrane association. (A) Histogram of read depths of coding genes. Black line, mRNA-seq data; red line, RP data. (B) Histogram of the R/m ratio of all (4331) genes (black) or genes classified according to the cellular location of their products: 2507 cytoplasmic (red) and 762 integral membrane proteins (blue). (C) Read depth and R/m ratio of the atp operon compared with the subunit composition of F0/F1 ATPase. Subunit composition (black), mRNA-seq (green), RP (blue), and R/m ratio (red). Relative values with the average value of genes encoding one-subunit per complex protein (atpB, H, C, and G). (D) R/m ratio and frequency of transmembrane segments. The number of transmembrane segments in the protein encoded by each gene was divided by the ORF length and plotted against the R/m ratio of the gene. Spearman correlation coefficient = -0.363, x-intercept = -0.29, slope = -40.5.

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