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Table 1 Enriched categories in the genes with abnormal R/m ratio

From: Effect of codon adaptation on codon-level and gene-level translation efficiency in vivo

Term*1 P Value*2 Gene*3
Homologous recombination*4 1.90 × 10-04 ruvC, recB, holA, dnaE
Ribosome*5 1.70 × 10-05 rplY, rpsR, rplI, asnC, rpsF, rimK
ncRNA metabolic process*6 2.50 × 10-04 ygfZ, yadB, truB, truA, trmD, rimM, dusB, asnC
DNA replication*7 2.30 × 10-03 holA, dnaE, dnaG
Pyrimidine metabolism*8 1.40 × 10-03 pyrC, holA, rpoA, dnaE
tRNA aminoacylation*9 2.90 × 10-02 yadB, asnC, truA
  1. *1:The term enriched, *2:Pvalue of the term selected, *3:name of the genes within the selected term, *4:GO:0004518, *5:GO:0005840, *6:GO:0034660, *7:ecl03030 (KEGG pathway), *8:ecl00240 (KEGG pathway), *9:GO:0043039.