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Table 4 Expression data support of R-genes

From: Interspecific and intraspecific gene variability in a 1-Mb region containing the highest density of NBS-LRR genes found in the melon genome

Gene ICUGI Genea ICUGI Unigene Cultivar Library
91460.1 Csa2M022790.1 -   
91470.1 Csa2M022270.1 CU122153 Vlaspik Fruit (mixed, 1–50 DAP)
CU171360 WI 1983H  
91680.1 Csa2M021540.1 -   
91690.1 Csa2M021520.1 -   
91710.1 Csa2M021510.1 -   
91780.1 Csa2M020940.1 CU141826 WI 1983H Hermaphrodite flower
CU173837 WI 1983H Hermaphrodite flower
91820.1 Csa2M020890.1 CU134688 WI 1983G Gynoecious flower
91840.1 Csa2M020870.1 CU162592 WI 1983H Hermaphrodite flower
91880.1 Csa2M014830.1 -   
MELO3C004258   -   
MELO3C004259   MU66045 T-111 Callus
MELO3C004260   -   
MELO3C004262   -   
MELO3C004266   -   
MELO3C004288   -   
MELO3C004289   MU63434 PI161375 Callus
MELO3C004290   -   
MELO3C004291   -   
MELO3C004292   -   
MELO3C004294   MU53509 pat81 Root (healthy)
  Root (infected, M. cannonballus)
MELO3C004295   -   
MELO3C004301   MU66172 T-111 Callus
MELO3C004302-3   MU53927 PI161375 Callus
MELO3C004309-10   -   
MELO3C004311   MU43621 PI161375 Callus
  Cantaloupe C-35 CMV Cotyledon infected
  MU48550 PI161375 Callus
MELO3C004312   MU52721 PI161375 Callus
  Dulce Mixed Fruit (4 devel. stages)
  MU54890 T-111 Fruit (15 DAP)
MELO3C004313   MU67511 Védrantais Callus
MELO3C004317   -   
MELO3C004318   MU61424 Cantaloupe C-35 Healthy leaf
MELO3C004319   -   
MELO3C004320   MU55681 T-111 Fruit (46 DAP)
MELO3C004321   MU63490 PI161375 Callus
MELO3C004323   -   
MELO3C004324   -   
Cla019863   WMU41608 97103 Fruit (10 DAP)
  WMU77867 97103 Fruit (34 DAP)
  WMU45091 97103 Fruit (18 DAP) & Fruit (26 DAP)
Cla019857   WMU48640 97103 Fruit (10 DAP)
Cla019856   -   
Cla019855   -   
Cla019854   -   
Cla019850   WMU79003 Illinwake Red Norm. and subst. library
  (Mix 12, 24, 36 DAP flesh fruit; driver: leaf)
  1. aCucumber gene annotation used is taken from Phytozome (Gy14 cultivar draft genome) while the genome assembly deposited at ICUGI is that of the cucumber 9930 inbred line.